Our Services


MNG Sports prides itself on its expansive legal and contract experience in football and business. Backed by lawyers and Legal assistants, We ensure our clients that every solution could be resolved in the outmost profesional manner in which our main objective is to protect the business branding and reputation of  both the athlete and the Organization.  our firm has the unique ability to handle many of our clients’ legal needs in-house. This substantial legal experience provides each of our clients and their families with unmatched first class representationin the areas of contract negotiations, arbitration, dispute resolution and other legal matters.

Additionally, with  attorneys as partners, MNG Sports provides each client with expertise and knowledge in Sports contract arbitration. MNG Sports’ attorneys and staff have prepared dozens of arbitration cases for hearing and has won unanimous precedent setting cases. Additionally, MNG Sports has used the arbitration process and its reputation to garner several multiple year deals and favorable settlements for our clients.


MNG Sports Agency has formed alliances with some of the most knowledgeable financial experts. This alliance, which the client may use completely at his discretion, allows for professional, world-class financial services ranging from financial planning, investment management, financial administration, and taxation advice.

Importantly, MNG Sports and these financial experts are familiar with all of the specific issues professional athletes encounter. MNG Sports believes that financial peace of mind may be accomplished with building trust and educating each client throughout the process.

MNG Sports Agency offers:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Taxation
  • Insurance Needs
  • Planned Giving
  • Banking Relationships


MNG Sports Agency has gained considerable experience in negotiating and prospecting potential marketing opportunities. With client representation the Europa league, Champions League and well over 10,000 combined hours of International experience. It’s safe to say, that contractual negotiations and expertise has been the fruit of the companies success.

Again, through using negotiation skills and legal experience, MNG Sports Agency provides every client with the chance to market their name and gain endorsement possibilities. MNG Sports Agency will work with each athlete to attain certain goals in this area and develop an exit strategy from professional sports.