Soccer Showcase & Tours

Our focus is mainly on acquiring scholarships and professional opportunities for identified teams and select individuals by coaches as potential candidates for national team selections, University Scholarships, and professional soccer opportunities home and abroad. Our region of operation is Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

University Private Showcase program
University showcases are an excellent way for scouts to meet players and a stage for players to be seen for potential Scholarship opportunities. These events sometimes attract perhaps too much attention, attending a soccer tryout or showcase carries enough pressure on its own. More pressure is added when a student athlete is to compete with players he or she has never played with or played against. With so many players to assess, many coaches have little time to better assess the players quality. We Assist in organizing private showcase events, These events are designed to attract more than 20 division 1 and 2 schools Coaches in set regions in the USA. We will focus on the American regions to offer high value Scholarships in Div 1 and in some case Div 2. To give universities several opportunities to view your players, We offer the program to both boys and girls at the U15 to U18 level, which will increase the chances of more than one assessment throughout the years by NCAA coaches thus increasing the players chances of obtaining Scholarship opportunities at post secondary education institutions across the US.

Professional ID Camps & Tours
We build a safe pathway to guide young athletes to the semi-professional and professional level of play. We are able to provide better exposure for young players to further develop. These opportunities in Europe and the US could play a part in providing what motivates young athletes to be become better professionals. Players are assessed, Identified and be given opportunities to train with professional clubs while being watched by scouts in the region of play.

Coach’s Development Program

Coaches will have the opportunity to work alongside Professional coaches to enhance their coaching skills and plenty of occasion exchanging ideas and receive feedback on their methodology from professional clubs Directors and Coaching staff. Coaching clinics offered will delivered by professional coaches in club lead coaches.

Individual placement Opportunity
When a player is Identified as an exception talent, We offer to showcase the player to professional clubs within the region we see fit. Our goal is promote and offer opportunities to as many young players to test their level of development against students across the world. 
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